Man Sentenced For Attempted Murder Of Beckley Officer

It was an emotional day in the Raleigh County Courthouse on Thursday, as 26 year old Timothy Howard was sentenced to 6 to 15 years in prison. 

“I truly regret the hurt and pain I have caused Corporal Gravely, his family and anyone he holds close to him. It was a horrible mistake that I can’t take back,” said the defendant Timothy Howard. 

On the evening of July 4th 2016, Howard was caught on camera accelerating an ATV into 31 year old Corporal William Gravely. Howard who was previously arrested 19 times, was in possession of marijuana during the time of the incident. This led Howard to strike the officer and flee the scene. 

Gravely who works for the Beckley Police Department was severely injured and is still undergoing multiple surgeries for his legs. During the sentencing, Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller read a statement from the victim. Keller stated, “You take for granted the ability to walk or run until that ability is taken away from you. As the man of the household its hard to look out the window and see my wife and coworkers mowing the lawn because I can’t walk, not even on crutches.”

Gravely who will be undergoing surgery number 4 soon is hoping he will gain the strength and ability to walk. However, the doctor did mention that because Gravely is so young that he will most likely have to undergo surgery again in 10 years. Doctors have also determined that Gravely will have to have an ankle replacement due to the prior surgeries being unsuccessful. 

Keller also mentioned in court that the victim used the restraint to only tase the defendant instead of using deadly force. Howard who has already served a year behind bars at Southern Regional Jail will serve out the remainder of his sentence at either Mount Olive or Huttonsville Correctional Center. 

According to Keller, Gravely has been staying positive since the accident happened and was happy with the sentencing of Timothy Howard II.

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