Man charged with several counts of sexual assault, abuse, and solicitation

PAX, WV (WOAY) – A man is charged with several counts of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and soliciting a minor in Fayette County.

According to a criminal complaint, on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a woman, who said her son was sexually assaulted by Charles Haggerty.  She said that Haggerty had already been arrested and extradited to the State of Alabama.

The woman said she met Haggerty around Christmas of 2017.  On July 29, 2018, he was kicked out of a residence just above hers.  She allowed him to move into her house in Pax with her and her two sons.

Haggerty resided in the woman’s residence until approximately Sept. 30, 2018.  She said she had no knowledge anything inappropriate had happened until her son told his uncle who then told her.

On Friday, Jan. 11, 2019, the woman brought her son to the Just for Kids, Inc. Child and Youth Advocacy Center in Oak Hill for an interview.

The minor said Haggerty sexually abused him on at least two occasions between July 29 and Sept. 30.  Following the incidents of abuse, Haggerty attempted, on multiple occasions, to contact the boy through Facebook Messenger in an attempt to perpetrate further acts of sexual abuse against the minor.

The boy said Haggerty would show favoritism towards him over his brother.  When the boy brought this up to Haggerty and said he would like them both to be treated equally, Haggerty said he just liked his brother, but he loved the boy.

The victim’s mother kicked Haggerty out of the house because he wasn’t holding up his part of their agreement to give money and buy groceries.

After Haggerty was kicked out of the house, Haggerty got into trouble and was sent to another state.  The boy then felt safe to tell someone what happened to him.

He said that for about two weeks after his mother had kicked Haggerty out, Haggerty would try and contact the boy through Facebook Messenger.  After Haggerty got in trouble with the law, however, he stopped trying to contact him.

Haggerty was extradited to the State of Alabama to face charges concerning the sexual abuse of a minor child in that jurisdiction and is currently in custody in Alabama.

Haggerty is charged with six counts of the felony crime of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree; six counts of Sexual Abuse by a Parent Guardian, Custodian, or Person in Position of Trust; and the felony crime of Soliciting a Minor via Computer.

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