Man arrested on several charges after incident at a hunting club

HICO, WV (WOAY) – A man is arrested on a multitude of charges after an incident at a Fayette County hunting club.

According to a criminal complaint, on Nov. 29, at approximately 11:45 a.m., Fayette County Deputy Coty Pierson was involved in an altercation where a shot was fired.

Deputy Pierson told another officer that a man advised him that he had a game camera stolen.  The last picture taken and sent to him was of the defendant, Henry Joe Ward.

Deputy Pierson and the man approached Ward at a camper, and Ward was very irate.  Pierson told Ward that law enforcement was on the way, but Ward kept attempting to go back into the camper.  However, Deputy Pierson would not allow him to out of fear for him and the man’s safety.

Ward kept fighting Deputy Pierson and saying things like, “You’re still alive.  You’re lucky you’re still breathing.  That badge doesn’t scare me.”  He then reached behind his back and pulled out a revolver.

Deputy Pierson heard Ward cock the hammer.  Ward reached behind his back and pulled out a revolver.  Pierson grabbed the gun and pushed it away.  As that happened, Ward fired the gun, striking the ground between Deputy Pierson and the other man.

A struggle ensued for the firearm. The man went over to help Deputy Pierson.  He was able to get the gun away from Ward, and threw it away from them.  Ward then attempted to grab a loaded rifle that was in a truck on the front seat.

Deputy Pierson had to drag Ward out of the vehicle.  Once another officer arrived, Ward was handcuffed.

It has been confirmed that Ward is not a member of the hunting club and does not have permission, written or otherwise, to be on the property.

Ward is arrested for the felony charges of Attempted First Degree Murder, Brandishing a Deadly Weapon, Wanton Endangerment Involving Firearm, Malicious Assault, and Assault During Commission of a Felony, along with the misdemeanor charges of Assault and Obstructing and Trespassing.

He is currently in Southern Regional Jail under a $1 million bond.

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