Man arrested on multiple child abuse and neglect charges

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – A White Sulphur Springs man is arrested on multiple child abuse and neglect charges.

On Sunday, Oct. 18 at approximately 4:00 p.m., an officer was dispatched by Greenbrier County Emergency Operations Center to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center for a three-year-old female being transported there from Med Express with a broken right arm.

EOC advised a doctor that according to the mother, the daughter was on her bed and fell off.  However, the father attempted to catch her as she fell.

The officer noticed the victim had severe bruising to both of her eyes, head, and right upper arm.

ER staff told the officer they received a call from the great-grandmother of the victim, who told them she was going to White Sulphur Springs to get the other child, who was two months old, and coming to the ER to take the victim because the father was abusing them.

Members of the White Sulphur Springs Police Department went to the residence to check on the two month old and speak with the father, Michael Bostic.  The patrolman said as soon as Bostic saw them, he claimed his daughter was jumping on the bed while he was on the bed with her.  He said  she ran into his chin with her face and he lost his temper.  He then picked her up by the arms, when one elbow went up and the other went down.  When he heard a crunch, he put her back down.

The mother, Angel Bostic, explained that on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 15, their daughter was on her and her husband’s bed.  Bostic said the girl was not listening to Mr. Bostic and would not go to back to sleep or lay in her bed.  Then, the father grabbed her by the arm and jerked her off her bed onto their bed.  A short time later, he struck the girl in the face with his elbow.  She asked her husband why he did that to their daughter, but he would not answer her.  Bostic said she believed he has medical problems and was also abused as a child.

That morning, the girl was transported to CAMC in Charleston for further medical treatment due to the severe break of her right upper arm.  When Bostic was interviewed at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, he claimed everything that had happened to the victim was an accident.  He also said that when he knew the police were contacted about his daughter’s injuries, he began drinking alcohol while in possession of his two month old son.

CPS was contacted to respond to the Bostic residence to start an investigation and said they would do a Temporary Emergency Order to give custody to the great-grandmother.

Michael Bostic was charged with child neglect resulting in injury, child neglect creating risk of injury, as well as child abuse resulting in injury, and child abuse creating risk of injury.

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