Man Arrested For Sexual Abuse At Crossroads Mall

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- A handicapped man has been arrested after he’s accused of sexually abusing a woman who had just stopped people from bullying him.

Court records state, on April 6, 2019, officers arrived at Crossroads Mall and spoke with two women who stated they witnessed people bullying what appeared to be a mentally ill handicapped man. The two women attempted to get the people to stop bullying the man, Steven Ezra Schoolcraft, who ended up being the defendant.

Once the bullying stopped, the women sat down with Schoolcraft who then began to ask them for sexual favors. Records also show that one of the women said Schoolcraft began to rub her leg and grab her breasts. She also stated he had one hand down his pants.

The women told Schoolcraft to stop and when we did not, they ran through the mall to the front exit where Schoolcraft followed them stating that he was going home with them. The women then went into Shoney’s for help and an employee called security. The officer was able to obtain video footage of the two females entering Shoney’s and Schoolcraft following them.

Schoolcraft has been charged with first degree sexual abuse and is currently in Southern Regional Jail under a $35,000 bond.

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