Man Arrested for Attempted Murder of West Virginia State Trooper

Ralph Barnett was arrested on Saturday night for obstructing and attempted murder of a West Virginia State Trooper.

On Saturday, just a little after midnight, the West Virginia State Police Summersville Detachment got a call about reckless driving on Powells Creek Road.

“After talking with Mr, Barnett, then Trooper Beard determined that there was no insurance on the vehicle. There were also several violations in the size and the weight of the mobile home that he was attempting to tow. Trooper Beard requested that a wrecker respond to the scene to tow the truck from the scene and Mr.Barnett became defiant and belligerent. He didn’t want to have his truck towed,” Sergeant Ron Lilly, the West Virginia State Police Summersville Detachment Commander, told us.

That’s when two deputies from the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department also arrived on the scene to back-up Trooper Beard.

When the tow-truck got there to tow away Barnett’s truck and the mobile home, Trooper Beard says Barnett hopped up on a nearby tractor, and tried to run him over.

Three of Barnett’s friends were also at the scene, and were arrested for obstruction. One of those men says he disagrees with how the troopers are saying things played out.

“He just pulled up and put the tractor in the end of the truck. So I think the state police were wrong. They should’ve handled it a whole lot different,” Charles White said.

However, troopers say there was no other way to handle it.

“Just how he acted aggressive towards Trooper Beard. As well as the additional family members and friends that showed up at the scene. They all became confrontational with Trooper Beard,” said Sgt. Ron Lilly.

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