Man accused of threatening to kill President Trump arrested in St. Albans

ST. ALBANS, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — A man from Bremerton, Washington is in a West Virginia jail accused of threatening to kill President Donald Trump.


Joshua Wills, 29, is charged with brandishing deadly weapons, obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct and prohibited acts.

St. Albans police officers were called to Roadside Park Tuesday afternoon to meet with U.S. Secret Service agents, according to court documents.


The agent said they were looking for Wills after they said he posted on social media that he wanted to kill the president with a katana sword.

Agents told officers that Wills gave them the address to the campground he was staying at and admitted he planned on seeing Trump.

Agents said they found Wills at the campground and that he had a sword and a knife.

When agents and police approached Wills, they said, he moved the sword toward his shoulder and said he would defend himself if officers tried to approach him. He also picked up an ax and pointed it at officers while yelling obscenities.

Police said Wills began walking toward the officers with the sword and they shot him with a bean bag gun. They said Wills still tried to resist, but they were able to arrest him after a short struggle.

Police said after Wills was arrested, he told them he had a methamphetamine pipe in his pocket. They said they found a plastic container containing what appeared to be methamphetamine.

Wills will be taken to the South Central Regional Jail.


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