Man accused of making Facebook threat: "Why don't one of our rednecks just shoot her?"

West Virginia State Police said a man who posted a comment on Facebook suggesting that the Nicholas County school superintendent should be shot is now facing a charge.

“Why don’t one of our rednecks just shoot her?” State Police said the post on the I Am Richwood Facebook page said. “Not dead – just a shoulder injury would do, lol.”

Now the man who made the post, James “Jim Carl Swartz Jr., 69, of Leivasy, was charged Thursday with making threats of terrorist acts, according to a criminal complaint filed in Nicholas County Magistrate Court.

State Police said Swartz posted the comment on the site, where residents have been debating the ongoing consolidation plans by the Nicholas County Board of Education to close Richwood Middle and Richwood High School.

Swartz quickly deleted the post after people began to agree or respond in favorably that the superintendent needed to be shot, the complaint said. Donna Burge-Tetrick, received a screen shot of the post and contacted the Nicholas County Prosecutor’s Office and requested an investigation.

The superintendent took the threat seriously and fearing for her safety, asked local law enforcement to actively screen members of the public who came to a meeting about school consolidation, State Police said.

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