Love is in the air at Designs by Barb and James

It’s a day of romance and love, perfect for spoiling your sweetheart.

Everybody loves somebody… They want to show that person how much they care and do it with flowers.

Giving back and making sure everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day is what it’s all about for Designs by Barb and James.

“We give back to the community; we let each and every one of those little love bugs know how much they care for each other and we do it with our flowers, balloons and everything,” said owner Barbara Halstenberg. “And then they enjoy knowing that somebody special cares for ’em.”

Are you trying to figure out love? Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, it’s great either way.

Want to create a beautiful romantic memory? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a rose.

“Like my mom used to say, she said Barbara — a dozen roses shouts ‘I love you,’ a single rose whispers ‘I love you.’ so no matter how you express that, flowers always show that you care,” Halstenberg said.

Get a mixed arrangement with a box of candy, plush bear with a heart, whatever your vision or just wing it; the sky’s the limit.

“We’ll paint them a picture with words and then we will show ’em with our flowers,” said Halstenberg.

According to Barb, the very reason her blood courses through her veins is that she gets to take care of people. The people in this community have known her for 40 years and she says they know she cares, it’s not just another dollar.

“It’s bringing that cheer at a happy time or compassion at that sad time. It’s emotion and it’s 24/7/365,” Halstenberg said. “No matter what that occasion is; we’re here for you.”

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