Lois Gibbs Visits Residents in Toxic Minden


Living daily with the PCB problem and contamination, Minden residents are looking for answers to relocate to a safe, non-toxic town.


“We want everyone to try and join us and help our community, so we knew we had to reach out to someone that would help fight for us,” said Annetta Coffman, Resident of Minden.


Minden residents met with Lois Gibbs, the Founder and Director of The Center for Health, Environment & Justice for a press conference on Friday.


“I’m hoping to get a better understanding of the situation here, the contamination as well as the health related problems and then I’m hoping to help them to figure out a strategy,” said Lois Gibbs, the Founder and Director of The Center for Health, Environment & Justice.


Minden residents welcomed Lois Gibbs with signs, hugs and appreciation for her coming to Minden to help find a solution to the PCB problem.


One resident, Darrel Sharp II, shared how Minden needs answers to the PCB problem and the way it has affected him and his children.


“My children, my daughters are gonna have problems later in their life with cancer, and it’s my job to protect my kids and I️t feels like I️ have failed them,” said Darrel Sharp II.


Gibbs understands the problem, and shared skills that she has acquired from her many years of environmental health advocacy for contaminated communities. She wants to help the residents of Minden by advocating for the relocation of the residents, as well as requesting clean-up of the area of all toxic contamination.

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