Local Yoga Studio Is Now Offering Infrared Classes!

Have you ever thought about challenging yourself to an infrared yoga class? Well if you have, the Balanced Life Studio in Beckley may become your next stomping ground!

The studio that just recently opened in May is the first in Southern West Virginia to now offer infrared yoga classes with one in particular being very popular the, “Sweat and Sculp” class, an intense yoga class like no other. The studio also offers an, “Infrared Yoga Basic” class that they recommend for all beginners, as well as non-heated yoga classes, barre classes and more!

“Infrared is a radiant heat much like the sun or a cold burning stove, it heats objects but it doesn’t heat the room necessarily. So, you don’t feel that stifling hot, it is like a hot summer on a cool autumn day. So you get to really work out, sweat and you have three times the flexibility. It helps the circulation, detoxification, helps with pain control and also weight loss. It is a very unique form of exercise because we’re not only doing yoga which is one of the very best exercises you can possibly do for yourself but we’re also coupling that with the infrared heat. So it’s a win win situation, everyone comes in and loves it,” said Instructor/coordinator Dewana Waters Grillot.

The Balanced Life Studio offers classes every single day whether they are the traditional yoga class or infrared.

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