Local woman seeks living donor to save her life

LOOKOUT, WV (WOAY) – In Fayette County, a woman is desperately searching for a living donor to save her life.

Ashley Miller was diagnosed with Liver Failure earlier this January. Doctors strongly encourage her to look for a living donor so she can have a better chance of survival.

“The nightmare began, as far as doctor appointments, hospital visits. She has been in the hospital a total of 9 times and had multiple surgeries. She was in a coma and nearly died a couple of times,” said Ashley’s mother, Jean Miller.

Every day that goes by, Ashley Miller says her health deteriorates even more.

“She stays very sick all the time. There are days that she can’t get out of bed. She can’t do anything. She is very weak, anxious, and has a lot of fluid build-up, and every day is a struggle just to get through,” said Jean Miller.

The 37-year-old has a 6-year old son Landon Miller.

“I just continue to go downhill over the past several months, and every day is a struggle. I want to be here with my son. I want to be able to play with him again and just have a normal life,” said Ashley Miller.

If you would like more information on becoming a potential donor, please contact Jean Miller at Jeanmiller@frontier.com.

You can donate at gf.me/u/yk9vrz

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