Local West Virginia Authors Showcased Their Work


Celebrating West Virginia Authors hosted a book signing this weekend at Crossroads Mall.


“The event gathers some local authors in our area and to get some exposure for our local talent,” said Susan Stumpf, who is a local author and coordinator of the event.


The event showcased four local authors who autographed their books and shared information about each of their stories.


One local author, Danny Kuhn, who writes about history shared his experience of becoming an author, as well as the importance of his career.


“When you write a novel, you completely immerse yourself. The characters will become very real to you and the places and the times and what’s going on become very real.  When something happens to a character even though you invented it, it really does affect you,” said Danny Kuhn, local author.


Each author has future plans to write more novels and continue touring to help communities understand the importance of local authors.


“I have another book set to come out in 2019, and I’m always writing,” said Stumpf.


The four authors believe that anyone can write a story as long as they put their mind to it.


“Anyone can see their work published today.  Now that may be good or that may be bad depending on what the end product is. I would  just encourage anyone that says I would like to write, just to do it and then you can find a venue because everyone has a story to tell,” said Kuhn.


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