Local Teen Starts Backpacking Fundraiser For Foster Children

MEADOW BRIDGE., WV (WOAY)- A senior project has encouraged one local teen to help impact her community.

Agusta Markley of Meadow Bridge High school needs your help with completing her senior project.

Over the next few weeks she is aiming to raise backpacks for local children who are currently in foster care. The backpacks are to be filled with a fleece blanket along with stuffed animal and a personal note from Markley.

The reason she chose this topic is because she relates to it all to well as she was in foster care as a child.

“I know what it’s like just to have a trash bag with what little you do get to take with you and kids shouldn’t have to they shouldn’t have to carry everything in a trash bag and I just want to let kids know they’re not alone,” Markley adds.

For those interested in donating backpacks to Agusta they have several drop off locations throughout Fayette County.

  • Fayette County Sheriffs Office
  • Meadow Bridge High school
  • Eckley Orthodontist.

The donation period will last until April 16. Markley will then give the bags to CPS for distribution.

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