Local Store Clerk Saves Life After A Shooting


ANSTED, WV (WOAY)— Gunshots were fired in the town of Ansted Sunday night leaving the residents shocked and in dismay.


Do Not Cross tape, blood stains and gloves were all found in a tunnel under Route 60 where a shooting occurred Sunday night that left one person critically injured.


Sharon Cockran, a worker at the Shell Station where the victim who was shot went for help, shared her emotions and thoughts of what she witnessed.


“I looked over and I saw blood and his face hanging off and he was saying, I need help. I told Chelsea to call 911 and I got him over to the counter and he was screaming, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die and so I told him to lay down and calm down,” said Sharon Cockran, who called 911 when the victim came into her store.


Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Brian Willis for shooting Rodney Ray Rose multiple times in the face, torso and upper body.



“He was able to tell us who did the shooting, who shot him and that’s very important. We just need to get more information and tie it all together and make a strong good case. Brian Stephen Willis was arrested for malicious wounding and I’m sure more charges will be pending,” said Sheriff Mike Fridley, Fayette County Sheriff Department.


Deputies are still investigating what could have caused the shooting and will continue to investigate until they have an answer.

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