A Local Safe House Receives a Generous Donation

Nathaniel Viars, was an addict for 10 years. He lost his family and basically everything he owned to drugs. “I went down a dark road and I was a highly drug user. I pretty much lost everything.” said Viars. It was not until a friend stepped in and led him to Brian’s Safe house. “A friend that knew another friend that I knew went and told him and was like, “Hey, I’ve seen him, he looks bad and looks rough.” He then called Mr. Brush and got me in here, he was a former graduate.” said Viars.

After an exercise facility in Mabscott, WV learned more about Brian’s Safe house and listened to residents talk about their addiction, they decided to donate a thousand dollars. “I think we donated a little more to this one then we do to most because I think it was something we all really believed in, in what’s going on here. I think what would be hard for anyone to sit and listen to people who have been through the program talk and not be affected or want to get involved with what’s going on here.” said Chip Williams, who is one of the owners and a coach at CrossFit Coal.

The money that was donated from CrossFit Coal will be part of an expansion project, Brian’s Safe house hopes to expand their facilities to reach fifteen to sixteen men. And for Nathaniel, who has been at Brian’s Safe house for 8 months now, say’s he is doing great. “It’s good, my whole change of perception on life is completely different. Bringing God into the equation changes everything, it changes your behavior, your mind and your heart.

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