Local Residents Find a Great Use of Social Media

There is a peaceful scene outside New Beginning Apostolic Church with sounds of a stream rippling through the air. Shawn Evans, also known as Pastor to the members of this church, also has peace during a tough time in his life.
“Just last month I got diagnosed with stage four neck and throat cancer and there are no words that can describe the feeling that you feel hopeless, overwhelmed, fear,” said Pastor Shawn.
But Pastor Shawn has not focused on these feelings but instead, he has reached out a helping hand to others.
“There was a young lady from the Beckley area and she is on the list to have a liver transplant and she is really sick. It’s not just about us and we went over there yesterday and actually helped with that dinner,” said the pastor.
There are many people within our community like Shawn and the young lady from Beckley who need our help. Pastor Shawn says the best way to find out about the needs of the community is actually through social media.
“Most of the stuff we find out is through social media, friends post situations such as ours. We’ve received so much help just through social media like Facebook and people sharing these types of thing,” said Pastor Evans.
So next time you see a neighbor, friend, or colleague in need, create peace in your own life by helping others.

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