Local Resident Warns of Credit Card Fraud

Shannon Miller is a local resident of Oak Hill who claims she was a victim of credit card fraud.
“My dad had gotten his deposit and his social security into his bank account. We were running errands that day and the tire on his car was low”, said ms. Miller.
What seemed to be a routine charge turned into every credit card holders nightmare.
Shannon said, “So we scanned his card and I put air in the tire and we left.”
Ms. Miller recalls her dad looking at his credit card statement a little while after she had purchased the air at the Marathon Station in Oak Hill.
“He was going through his account and noticed that there were two charges from Marathon. One was in Hialeah, FL and the other was in Ft. Lauderdale. One was for like $74.99 and the other was like $79.80. We were like what in the world”, described Shannon.
NewsWatch reached out to the local Marathon and we are waiting for their response.
Ms. Shannon encourages everyone to contact your bank if this happens to you.
Experian defines credit card fraud as when someone uses your credit card or credit account to make purchases you did not authorize. This activity can happen in different ways.
Experian also says the first thing you should do if you discover someone has made unauthorized charges on your credit card account is to immediately contact your credit card company.

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