Local Resident Finds Sewage in Yard

Minden, WV (WOAY)- The water flowing from this manhole in Minden is not all because of the excessive rainfall we received this past weekend. Resident Darrell Sharp complains the sewer system here in Minden is not acceptable.
“It keeps backflowing and putting pressure on my sewer lines and blowing them apart and I end up with half of Minden sewer in my yard and under my house,” said Darrell.
Sharp explains this problem is something that cannot be fixed at the moment.
“I’m at a standstill because I contacted West Virginia DEP and they told me if I have it pumped out right now and send it anywhere that is illegal and I will be fined over it,” said Darrell.
And from past experience hiring a company to pump out this much sewage is extremely costly and leaves Mr. Sharp with only one course of action.
“Well my next course of action is I guess to hire an attorney because last time that I had this pumped out I had to have a septic company come in and they pumped 63,000 gallons of sewage and it cost over $18,000 to have it pumped out,” said Mr. Sharp.
WOAY reached out to the city of Oak Hill and City Manager Bill Hannabass said that Oak Hill acquired Arbuckle Public Service District in September of 2017 and currently Oak Hill has a $23.5 million project to help improve the sewer system of Minden.
Mr. Hannabass told WOAY that if this project does not help the sewer problem in Minden they will keep working to find a solution.

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