Local Principal Retiring After More Than 40 Years in Education

Beckley, WV (WOAY) – It was an emotional day at St. Francis School on Monday morning as students and teachers gathered to show Principal Wynne how much she has meant to them.

“You know the children are not going to the office because they are in trouble, they are getting a chance to know her,” said 3rd-grade teacher Marie Grace Peck.

You can see the impact Ms. Wynne has on the students through their interaction, but her proudest moment in education actually came when the teacher’s nominated her for a national award.

“The teachers here nominated me to be the ‘World’s Finest Principal’ with the ‘World’s Finest Chocolate'” said Principal Wynne.

Not only was she nominated but the real surprise came when she won.

“I won out of everyone in the United States that entered and I was just in shock,” said Ms. Wynne.

The “World’s Finest Chocolate” gave her a crown for her national victory, which she still has in her office today, but the real victory for her was the realization that she truly has made a difference.

“It is hard on a day to day basis because you’re not sure of the difference you have made and then this company read what they wrote and chose me for that particular honor and I was just amazed and humbled,” said Principal Wynne.

But of course, Ms. Wynne credits her success over the last 20 years to the help she has received.

She said “I think it is because of the people you work with. You know I have been very very lucky.”

If you ask her teachers why she has been so successful they will tell you a different story.

“She is always well prepared, everything is planned out, she is very organized and I can see the way she deals with people interpersonally and I hope to do as well as she did,” said Mrs. Peck.

WOAY-TV wishes Principal Wynne the best of luck in her next chapter of life.

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