Local Panera Bread Launches Delivery This Fall

The words “pick up” are something customers have been hearing for roughly the past four years at Panera Bread in Beckley, West Virginia. However, picking your food up at the Panera Beckley counter will become just another option in your dining experience. With the simple download of the Panera app, you can order your favorite item right through your phone and have it delivered to your location. 

“You download the app, it’s the Panera Bread app and you can place your order online, it will notify us. It is a $5 order minimum with a $3 delivery fee” said, Jamie Middlebrook, General Manger of Panera Bread in Beckley. 

Panera Bread will be delivering within an 8 minute radius, just in time for the Fall season. Middlebrook told us, “We launch September 28th, we are launching delivery to accommodate more of a diversified client base to accommodate those people at work that may only get a half an hour lunch break, they can’t get out, they want something brought to them for anybody at home just doesn’t want to come out or just because.”  

One customer who happened to be dining at Panera told us, this service is not only convenient and easy but also, a necessity for some. Customer, Mark Abbott told us, “It will be great for our dad, for delivery because, he can’t get out and get fast food as much, so that’s what we do when we come visit.”  

The Panera Bread in Beckley will become the last restaurant within their franchise to deliver and is looking to hire 8 to 10 drivers. Middlebrook said, “We are actively recruiting for applicants now. We are currently doing interviews and accepting new applications. You can apply at www.panamericanjobs.com and we will review all applications. We will then set up all interviews from there.”  

The Beckley Panera Bread could possibly make life a little easier for you for this Fall! 

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