A Local Jewish Temple Hosts Its Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day

It is something that will be part of history forever and never be forgotten, the Holocaust. Dating all the way back to the year 1933, Adolf Hitler took over Germany and sent millions of Jews in Europe to concentration camps, by the end of the war six million Jews had perished.

And because of this horrific event, the small Jewish community has continued to host their annual holocaust Remembrance Day in Beckley. Joseph Golden, who is a member of Temple Beth-El told us,”We have been doing it for about seventeen to eighteen years. Each year we try to do it a little different focus on some aspect of the holocaust and how it affected not only Jews but also people in Europe 

The small Jewish community here in Beckley not only remembered the six million Jews who were killed in the holocaust but also want to remember Max Lewin who was a holocaust survivor and a member of the Jewish Temple, Beth-El in Beckley. “Max Lewin who died, told us about his personal experiences as an imate in the concentration camps during the war. Max was from Poland, he was the only one in his family who survived except for his brother Harry who was here in Beckley before the war began.” said Golden.

 During the event, several members of the community listened closely to Max’s story as well as Simone Sofian’s. Sofian’s mother was a holocaust survivor and she is hoping that everyone will listen and be tolerant of each other, so that history does not repeat itself. “It was the first, the hugest mass killing that has ever happened. The idea is not only for us to remember but for the world to remember, so we can try and stop it from happening again.” said, Sofian.

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