Local Fayetteville shops recognize Small Business Saturday

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Switching gears from mostly big-box retail shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday gives customers a breath of fresh air and a drive to shop locally and help support downtown businesses you just don’t see everywhere.

This year, pulling out of the COVID-19 pandemic and facing a recovering economy, shopping small seems more crucial than ever.

“This year we’re all still trying to repair and recover from that damage and so it’s just more important than ever for everybody to come together and support each other, especially support their local artists and local talent,” says Wild Art Wonderful Things owner, Brannon Ritterbush.

Like most small businesses, Wild Art Wonderful Things in Fayetteville ran into many challenges throughout the pandemic. But the shop’s owner, Brannon Ritterbush, says that one main decision saving them, turning to an online and social media presence.

“Fayetteville, in particular, has so much concentrated talent and creativity just flowing through it and so it’s the perfect place to showcase all of the beautiful things that these people come up with,” she says.

Another important contribution to Fayetteville, Arrowhead Bike Farm, provides a unique service unlike most others around, catering to mountain bike beginners and enthusiasts near and far.

Not only does the bike farm provide their services during Fayetteville’s peak season, but all year round.

“Everyone needs to have a shop where they can come and tune up their bikes or just stop and buy everything they need bike-related,” says David Krut, shop manager at Arrowhead Bike Farm.

“We also do bike rentals, so for those just getting into mountain biking, they can come rent from us and that’s a good way to get started,” adds Krut.

Both Wild Art Wonderful Things and Arrowhead Bike Farm were offering all-day deals and events to help honor what Small Business Saturday is all about.

You can find both of these small businesses of Fayetteville by searching for them on Facebook or by clicking the links below:

Wild Art Wonderful Things

Arrowhead Bike Farm

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