Local Executive Director Threatens Chief

MT. HOPE, WV (WOAY)-  A controversy started when the local Executive Director of the Mount Hope Housing Authority threatened the Mount Hope Police Chief on December 28th.

Sonia Yvonne Meredith of Oak Hill appeared at the Fayette County Magistrate Court and began commenting on a case involving a woman who was driving on a suspended license and without insurance.

Court documents obtained by WOAY state, “She then pointed her finger at me and continued to be disruptive stating I had no right to charge the female,” referring to Chief Ellison.


Meredith continued to be disruptive expressing that she would, “get with an attorney and see that I was fired or see me dead,” according to the documents.


WOAY reached out to Mt. Hope Police Chief who had no comment as well as Sonia Meredith at the housing authority who was not in the office today.


Meredith was arrested and charged with obstructing an officer in the exercise of his duties, threatening to commit a terrorist act, disrupting government processes and disturbing the peace.

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