Local Equestrian Therapy Helps Those With Disabilities


GLADE SPRINGS, WV (WOAY)– Nearly one in five people are affected by physical or emotional disorders. Each individual deals with their disorder in different manners. For Amy Holliday, her therapy comes in the form of riding a horse.


“It is a means of a coping strategy just to help her deal with the challenges she does with autism,” said Betty Holliday, mother of Amy Holliday.


The Farm At Glade Springs offers Equestrian therapy which is an effective technique for many therapists to teach troubled youth on how they learn, react and follow instructions.


“We just take it person by person. Everybody’s so different. In this field, you just really have to come at it with a lot of patience,” said Amanda Griffith, Therapeutic Riding Assistant.



Billy Pate, a physical therapy riding assistant at The Farm At Glade Springs, shared why he believes this program is so important for children and adults.



“It’s just a safe wonderful, perfect facility for special needs and veterans and youth and adults to come out and ride,” said Pate.


This program is hoping to expand its services by offering help to veterans and those who are affected from PTSD. Innovative therapeutic approaches such as this one helps to make a difference in our community.

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