Local College Students Donate Time Today

One Voice teamed up with WVU Tech and Chance Lipford in order to pass out winter coats and clothing. One Voice holds around four clothing drives through the year and are expecting to help around 100 people during their drive today.
They also passed out frozen turkeys and sacked lunches to those in need.
A couple of volunteers explained what this experience means to them.
Lindsey Reed is a Freshman at WVU Tech and she said: “It’s just a really good thing because myself, I used to be in a really bad bind so it helps to help other people.”
Chance Lipford is a young volunteer who helped collect coats for this drive and said: “Well the reason I wanted to help out is that I wanted to help the community, I wanted to help the environment, and I wanted to help the people around me.”
If you would like more information on One Voice and their clothing distributions you can call them at 681-238-5724.

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