Local Citizens Take To The Streets To Participate in March For Our Lives

Raleigh County., WV (WOAY) – Even though it is snowing that didn’t stop several concerned citizens in joining others across the nation in the March For Our Lives rally.

Citizens gathered at Shoemakers Square in Beckley to rally against our current gun laws. The #MarchForOurLives movement comes after several mass shootings with the most recent ones being in Florida and Maryland.

Local students were also in attendance and shared what they’d say to a mass shooter if given the chance. Beckley-Stratton Middleschool Student Emmett Gathercole said he’d ask,

“Just think how many people die? How many people parents will be away from their children for the rest of their lives and how sad everyone will be in the community?”

Throughout the rally several speakers took to the stage to voice their opinions on what needs to happen for our immediate community.

Majority of the speakers concluded that West Virginia needs stricter gun laws.

Christina Baisden Parent and Member of Women’s March adds, “Lives are being lost i’m also a parent and i care about what’s happening in our communities i care about our gun laws.”

There also was a moment where the group sang to honor those lives lost in the tragic mass shootings.

Several speakers reiterated that WV has also been affected by gun violence in 2015 when a student in Morgantown held their classmates and teacher hostage.

The Women’s March would like everyone to reach out to their elected officials to let them know your stance on gun violence.

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