A Local Church Celebrates The Jewish Heritage

It was no regular day of Church on Sunday for the members of Glen Fork Church of God as they celebrated the Jewish Heritage. Pastor Darrell Stapleton said, “President Trump he signed into law that this month of May would be a month to recognize the nation of Israel and the Jewish people their contribution to society.”

During the celebration, different speakers took the stand and explained the different aspects of Jewish heritage. Worship Team Leader, Tiffaney Thompson told us, “I am speaking on how the Jews have influenced the founding of the United States of America. Our pastor is going to be speaking on the ministry aspect, our ministry to Isarel and our youth pastor is also going to speaking today.”

For many of you wondering why Jewish heritage is something that is so crucial it is because of the impact Jews have had on us Americans. Youth Pastor, Cecil Thompson said, “I know that Jesus Christ he is the soul purpose of Christianity and him being a Jew. We represent that the word of God, our bible that we have today all through it from genesis revelation is Jewish Authors. It is not that we have to take and become a Jew but that we just acknowledge that the Jewishness in Jesus needs to be brought out today.”

Another thing many people do not realize is that the Jews have had a great impact on our country with the technology we use and even medical care,  a lot of it comes from Israel. And that is why the members of Glen Fork Church of God want to honor them this month because they believe they are God’s chosen people. 

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