Local bowling alley expected to reopen soon with renovations

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – A local bowling alley called Pinheads recently closed down for some exciting renovations. 

Some of the changes they’re making include a new synthetic bowling surface, a tripled kitchen and food capacity, and a new scoring system. The owner of Pinheads Allison Ibarra says the new system will also include some quality-of-life features to make dealing with the pandemic much easier. 

“With this scoring system, you’ll also be able to reserve your lanes in real time. Folks will be able to go ahead and sit in our parking lot, go ahead and check in their bowling lane from their smartphone. They can even tell us their shoe sizes. So they’ll be able to walk in and they can even go to their lane. Their shoes are ready for them, their balls are ready for them. We can make this as touch-free as you need it,” Ibarra said. 

Pinheads is expected to reopen in early-to-mid August.

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