Local Author Combats Drug Epidemic

Hinton, West Virginia is a small town with a public library that can transport you to anyplace both fictional and real.
This library is where one local author fell in love with reading.
“Mary lived in Hinton so we just walked down here and read through probably every Agatha Christie that was in this library,” said Heather Day Gilbert local author.
Most of Heather’s writing stems from her experiences from both the past “my grandma always told me that we were related to Eric the Red. The other interesting thing was the women who sailed with their husbands and those are the protagonists of my two Viking books,” said Heather.
And her present experiences, “having to grow up and take care of herself and then I see that happening all the time with kids in West Virginia, you read about it all the time and I know our church has a lot of foster care placements there and you really start to see what drugs are doing to this state,” said Mrs. Gilbert.
That is what gave her the inspiration to donate half of her first month’s profit from her newest book to a local rehab facility called Sparrows Nest.
“Those are the moms of these kids who are basically being orphaned because of drugs so I wanted to donate to that to hopefully bring more attention to that, but there is a place like this,” said Heather.
If you are looking for a new mystery to read that is local and is helping with the local drug epidemic then go to Heather’s web page on December 9th and pick up your copy of “Guilt by Association”.

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