A Little Girl With A Big Dream – To Stop Bullying

Seven in ten kids all around the world experience bullying in school. One 9-year-old girl from Florida was one of those kids, but is doing something to stop it.

James Thomas, Grandfather of “Kind Kidz” founders, told us all about how she started, “She said Mom I think I got it worked out. I got an idea on how to help kids who are being bullied, and she said she wanted to come up with a company, or a plan, or a name called Kind Kidz.”

Addison street, with the help of her brother Zane, made the idea come to life at the beginning of this year.

“Our mission statement is to change the world through kindness. To spread a message of humanity, friendship, and encouragement. To lift each child up and inspire others to believe in themselves to become the spark of change,” Addison said.

Not only does this campaign help spread kindness through schools and children, but portions of the proceeds made from purchases of “Kind Kidz” merchandise are donated to local food banks and animal shelters.

“She said she wanted the kids to wear t-shirts that said nice things to each other. Like you’re awesome or have a great day or smile someone loves you and stuff like that. They even went so far to have the colors be representative of something.”

Turquoise represents humanity and friendship, and the color orange represents encouragement.

This campaign is not only influencing young children’s lives, but also everyone around them. You can purchase these bands and t-shirts at WV Tires in Beckley and join the Kind Kidz movement!

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