Light up the Night event held to bring hope to those facing addiction

Hundreds filled Hurricane City Park Saturday night aiming to bring some hope to a community with so many facing addiction.

It was a crowd made of up people recovering from addiction, first responders and local leaders.

The goal was to get these people to work together and to come up with solutions for a state facing a devastating drug problem.

“It’s important to bring together those who have been through drug addiction, and the leaders and the politicians to start working together to come up with some solutions,” organizer Annette Harper said.

Light up the Night is designed to be an outlet the entire community, whether someone was in need of a prayer or hope for their personal struggle.

“Spread hope, it’s what we do,” recovering addict Joe Young said.

Along with several others walking around Hurricane City Park were wearing the word “Hope” on their name tag. Young was there to tell his story of 17 years battling addiction and coming out on the other side now 20 months clean.

“West Virginia is in a state emergency epidemic and people need to see that there is people that are willing to spread hope and share their story and let them know what God’s done for them in their life.”

Around 20 booths were set up with information on addiction, recovery and support groups. Healthy Ground Family’s social worker, Yvonne Lee, said she sees firsthand how addiction hurts families and she came tonight to show love to the people directly affected by addiction.

“I just really want to be a part of this community effort in regard to letting the young adults, adults know that are in addiction that they do have hope, they have somebody that’s rallying behind them, we do want them to get better,” Lee said.

Young said while this event definitely made an impact on the community, there is so much more left to do.

“We have to reach out. There has to be more solutions to the problem.”

During Light up the Night, church members of different denominations gathered at a prayer shelter that was available for anyone in need of prayer.

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