Exclusive: "Life With The Tiara Off"

For many of you that may know her, you know she acts like any other typical female here in West Virginia. “I grew up with animals, gardening and farming as a heritage and a passion with my family,” says Marty Rae Walker. Besides her strong passion for farming, shes a wife, a coach, a conservation specialist, but here’s the surprise…she is also Mrs. West Virginia! Walker told us, “Growing up I definitely was not a pageant girl, growing up was basketball, farming, playing with animals, raising animals. Anything outdoors, hiking, nature, just in the woods, in the gardens and in the farms.” 

However Marty’s upbringing didn’t stop her from wanting to try something that was quite different then what she was use to.Walker added, “When I hit teenage years I sort of looked at pageantry as something that was out of reach, something that I wanted to pursue. I wanted to do it but, there always seem to be an obstacle so, it was a very inner-private dream.” That dream soon became reality for Marty as she entered her first pageant at age 16 and would eventually become Mrs. West Virginia. 

Now, one question you may be asking yourself is how does Marty handle not only being Mrs. West Virginia? But, also having a full time job, a husband and being a coach. Walker told us, “There is quiet a bit of responsibility, I enjoy every aspect of it. I think the best explanation for how I handle it is, I enjoy it.”

Next month Marty will be competing nationally at the Mrs. America Pageant 

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