Life Saving Project to be Implemented throughout Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – “Bring loved ones home” is what first responders in Fayette County are saying after starting a program aimed to protect, people with cognitive disorders.

Project Life Saver training is being held this weekend for sheriff’s deputies and firefighters. This new project will allow them to quickly and efficiently locate people who are prone to wandering off. The entire search process is all by FM frequency and a small bracelet.

Deputies will be able to locate people who wander within 30 minutes.

Project Life Saver is a national program that has been credited with over 3,000 successful rescues, officials hope this program brings comfort to families.

Sheriff Mike Fridley said, “My father in-law has alzheimer’s and dementia and if he walked off I know how it would impact my family and myself.”

Beginning Monday July,13th those interested in applying can do so by visiting the sheriff’s dept., it is free of charge to all Fayette County residents

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