UPDATE: Suspect arrested in Lewisburg in bomb threats

Michael J. Neely

UPDATE (2/19/2020 9:59 AM) – Authorities arrested a suspect for making a bomb threat that prompted the evacuation and closing of government buildings.

Police arrested Michael Joseph Neely, Jr. in Cleveland, Ohio for multiple charges, including threats of terrorist acts and false reports concerning bombs or other explosive devices. Possible threats to other locations and state officials are also under investigation.

On Tuesday, authorities evacuated City Hall and secured the scene for a search by a bomb dog with the West Virginia State Police.

An investigation conducted by the Lewisburg Police Department, WVSP and the City of Cleveland, Ohio Police Department resulted in Neely’s arrest. Neely is in Cleveland awaiting extradition to face his charges.

City Hall and the Lewisburg Police Department Office were closed for the remainder of the day but are open for regular business hours today.


LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Today, Lewisburg City Hall and the Greenbrier County Courthouse closed due to a bomb threat.

According to city officials around 11 a.m., two bomb threats were made. The county decided to close both businesses for the remainder of the day. Lewisburg Police believe they know who made the calls.

“We have already developed the suspect. If that suspect turns out to be the person who did call in this bomb threat, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Police Chief of Lewisburg Chris Teubert.

Meanwhile, the City of Richwood also closed offices early due to a bomb threat as well.

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