UPDATE: Lewisburg lifts boil water advisory

UPDATE (6/19): LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – The city of Lewisburg has lifted its boil water advisory.

This includes water systems in the areas of Renick, Maxwelton, Frankford, Fairlea, Caldwell and Lewisburg.

Residents are asked to flush their personal lines until the water runs clear.
LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – The city of Lewisburg recently had to undergo a boil water advisory for the entire town’s water system due to high levels of turbidity in the water, which is the state of the water being cloudy and unclear. But the issue is now well on its way to being resolved.

“We’ve been able to maintain the levels within the guidelines at the water plant, so yesterday afternoon we started flushing the system,” says city manager of Lewisburg, Misty Hill. “We have to flush all of the water lines and check the levels throughout the lines to make sure we’re in compliance.”

While the city is currently working to bring the levels down to match the level complying with the guidelines, there’s a little more waiting that must be done before the boil water advisory can be lifted.

“Once the water plant gets those levels and are within those guidelines, we do a final sample for the lab to go out, and the lab will check for the bacteria in the water, the turbidity, and all the levels then, and after that is when we can get the boil water advisory to be lifted,” she says.

The city plans to have the problem fixed and the water back on as early as Saturday, but it could also be as late as next Tuesday, it just depends on how quickly the water can get back to the right safety level. In the meantime, the mayor urges residents to continue to do what they’ve already been doing.

“They really need to continue boiling their water with the guidelines put in the paper and on our Facebook page,” says Mayor Beverly White. “Today is a holiday, but we chose to open City Hall to let our citizens know that we are here for them and we’re working really hard to correct this situation.”

A tank of fresh water is currently available at Fire Station #2, route 219 North Jefferson Street, where residents of Lewisburg can go get water free of charge until the situation is fully resolved.

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