Lester Elementary School Closing


Parents, teachers and members of the Raleigh County Board of Education gathered at Lester Elementary for a special hearing on the proposed closing of the school.


“With three schools in this area that were aging and a declining population, we decided to open a new school for the region and redistrict this area,” said David Price, Raleigh County Superintendent.


Superintendent David Price addressed concerns of the closure, including transportation needs and anticipated class sizes.


Students at Lester Elementary will either attend Ridgeview or Fairdale starting the new school year.


Mayor Allen of Lester attended the hearing to express his concerns about the school closing.


“We hate to see the school close because it’s all the town has and is left. I just have some concerns about what is going to happen with the building afterwards,” said Sam Allen, Mayor of Lester.


While closing Lester Elementary School will leave a gap in the community, Mayor Allen is hoping that the closed school can become a community center for the residents and others to enjoy.


“I would like to see the building donated to the city so that we can use it for some things for the community,” said Mayor Allen.

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