Lee Trevino Holds Golf Clinics

It was no average golf lesson for these youngsters as they learned from one of the greatest players in golf history, Lee Trevino. The Greenbrier golf pro emeritus shared some helpful tips on Thursday.  “I love doing this, because I was very successful with a wedge, that was one of my strong suits. There are ways that you play a wedge and there’s ways that you do not play a wedge. There is no reason that these kids should waste their time practicing at a young age if they are doing it incorrectly.  Now, you can get really good if you do something incorrectly but you are never going to climb to the other level, it’s just going to be okay,” said professional golfer Lee Trevino. 

The youth clinics with Lee Trevino were first introduced last year but unfortunately canceled after the devastating June 2016 floods. Greenbrier Associate Director of Golf Jamie Hamilton added, “This is the inaugural year but, we’ve had a great reception for it. He’s obviously a wealth knowledge but he loves being around kids and like he said some of the older kids will pick up on the details on what he’s talking about. But, he’s making sure that the parents have a good understanding of what to teach their children.”

When WOAY asked Trevino what it means for him to be here during the Greenbrier Classic and teach these young children the great game of golf he had a unique response. Trevino told us, “Well you know these kids don’t have a clue about my record or anything if you looked at them, I mean I’m going on 78 now, so I mean they were born when I was 70, they have no clue who I am. As soon as they get old enough to see “Happy Gilmore” they’ll know who I am.” 

The clinics will be continuing on the Greenbrier course through Sunday July 9th.

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