Late Season Snowfall

The public had to grab their snow shovels and the West Virginia Department of Transportation had to bring out the snow plows and salt again on Monday morning.
The snowfall that occurs late in the season creates different hazards for drivers then what they see during the peak snow season.
“Even though the snow is plowed off there is a lot of slush that will build up on the road due to the heat where it has been warmer in the past few days,” said John Dixon the Fayette County Highway Administrator.
People we talked to who was having to shovel the snow said they are ready for winter to leave southern West Virginia, but there is one local industry who welcomes these snow storms late in the season.
“This is a bonus snow storm. It’s It’s really interesting in March we’ve had some of our biggest snow storms in the year come through in March. If you are looking to get a few turns in before the season winds up all of the sudden now you’ve got some extra snow to enjoy it on,” said Tom Wagner the Executive VP of Winterplace Ski Resort.
Winterplace is not only happy to see this latest snowfall on Monday morning but they are hoping to see more.
“There may be some bonus days. It depends on what the weather is and if the skiers are still coming out then yeah we are going to stay open because that is what it is all about. We want to give people more time to get on the slopes,” said Tom.
The best advice during this time if you are traveling to your favorite ski resort or if you are just driving your weekly work route is, “is to give yourself more time to get where you are going and just to be careful,” said John.

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Jonathan Chance grew up in Birmingham, AL where he experienced many different types of weather. The storm that is remembered more than any other is the 2011 Super Outbreak. The tornadoes passed within 20 miles of his home and affected the lives of many people around him.