Last Meeting for Nicholas County Schools

“This piece of lousy land that has not worked you all been told to make it work and it smells like politics and reeks and it stinks!!” This was just one of the many residents of Richwood who was brave enough to express their opinion on how they feel about consolidation to the Nicholas County Board of Education.

Monday night was the last meeting for residents of Nicholas County to come together as a community and fight for what they have been fighting for, for months now. Zachary Taylor, who is a sophomore at Richwood High School said, “They originally said we would get our schools back so I really think we deserve them back.” Roughly two hundred to two hundred and fifty people showed up, most of them wearing the color orange that represents Richwood Schools.

Current West Virginia University Junior, Craig Nicholas a Richwood alum said, “Everybody up there is just worried because if we lose our school were going to lose our entire town and if we lose our entire town there is not going to be a future because I would love to come back to Richwood but right now without a school there is nothing we can do.” And although several people are against consolidation, some say they are for it. WOAY asked, current West Virginia University Freshman, Erin Allen a Nicholas County alum why she wouldn’t mind consolidation and, her response was, “Education everyone the same way, everyone has the same standard education going into college everyone would be prepared the same.”

The Nicholas County Board of Education did not make a decision yet, but will be making one on Tuesday, March 7th.



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