Lashmeet man arrested on kidnapping charges after breaking into a home

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- A man has been arrested after holding three children and a couple hostage, with a weapon, after forcibly entering a residence.

According to a criminal complaint, On December 31, 2020, Mercer County Deputies were dispatched to 101 First Street, Matoaka for a reported burglary.

Deputies were advised that Rex Hurt, had forcibly entered the residence of Kaytie Thomas and Luke Hines, where five  children were also present. Upon their arrival, they found the accused, Rex hurt, barricaded in an upstairs bedroom with Luke Hines and three other children, ranging in age from two to seven years-of age.

Deputies were told by Kaytie Thomas, that the accused was armed with a fixed blade knife that he had threatened them with prior to the 911 call. Deputies negotiated with the accused for over thirty minutes, during which time the accused acknowledged the presence of law enforcement and that he was holding Luke Hines and the three children in the room because he didn’t want to be shot.  The accused also barricaded the door with a dresser.

The accused did agree to release the hostages and as they were trying to leave the bedroom, the accused grabbed a two year-old child from Luke Hines grasp and placed the knife against the child’s throat; the children began screaming.  Luke Hines grabbed the child from the accused, pushing him away from the children.

Deputies heard the screaming and what sounded like an altercation from inside the room and forced entry, pushing the dresser away from the door.  As Deputies entered the room, the hostages were in the corner to the right of the door and the accused was observed advancing towards the Deputies and hostages.

Due to the aggressive actions of the accused a Deputy discharged his firearm, striking the accused in the abdomen.  The accused fell to the floor and was secured. After the accused was transported to the hospital, Deputies learned that the two year-old child had sustained a laceration to her hand from the knife.

Due to the above facts, the accused has been charged with the violations set forth within this complaint.

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