Large Turnout For Oak Hill City Council Meeting in Support of Local Ministry

OAK HILL– Monday’s regular meeting of the Oak Hill City Council got heated at times even having to have the chief of police to step in at one point.
Multiple people showed up to the meeting to show their support for Warm Hands From Warm Hearts. The founder and president, Mike Bone was called to the meetings and is still confused on the purpose.
“We’re really not sure,” Bone said. “You could tell by the meeting there are a lot of people that are confused including me. I was told about a special permit and it just went from there.”
But city leaders explained that the meeting was about zoning and what can and can’t be done by building owners in each zone.
City Manager Bill Hannabass said, “When someone tells us we can’t do something we are generally offended. But you also have an expectation of what your neighbor is allowed to do. Zoning is always a give and take. “
Warm Hands runs a variety of programs, but one of the main concerns people in their opposition seem to have is with their addiction counseling program. One woman there to show her support says she knows all too well how important programs like this are to our area.
“I never dreamed that my only brother would be an addict, but it happened and it happened by an accident, a car accident,” Quartney Settle said. “It’s not something that he grew up wanting to be. U til you love an addict you don’t understand. You don’t understand what it’s like to know they are not that same person once that addiction takes over. I lost my brother 10 years ago. He’s alive, he’s breathing but I lost my brother 10 years ago. I haven’t seen him since.
Bone says he wishes everyone could see what their ministry is really all about.
“We aren’t in it for the victory we are in it because of the victory and the victory belongs to Jesus Christ. His currency is not money. His currency is Love. He has put us here to love on people and rehabilitate is they need it, but more importantly to show that we love our neighbors.”

The next step in this process is for Bone to meet with the city zoning officer. But he says he isn’t concerned about losing his ministry because of the outpouring of love from the community.
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