Lance Bass loses out to HGTV in bid for ‘Brady Bunch’ house

(ABC NEWS)- Mystery solved! HGTV is the network that bought the “Brady Bunch” home after Lance Bass thought he had landed the iconic property for himself.

HGTV’s parent company Discovery confirmed to ABC News on Tuesday that CEO David Zaslav has just announced the purchase as part of the network’s second quarter earnings.


“One example of our new project for HGTV will speak to those ‘Brady Bunch’ fans on the call,” he said on the earnings call.


“You may have heard that the house from the iconic series was recently on the market in California,” he said. “I’m excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and we’ll restore the home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can,” Zaslav continued, squashing any reports that the house might get torn down.”

“More detail to come over the next few months but we’ll bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history.”

The news follows reports that Bass believed he had made the winning bid, only to learn later that a then-unnamed network had outbid him — an eventuality that left the former NSYNC boy band breakout feeling used and abused.



“I’m feeling heartbroken … This was a dream come true for me and I spent the night celebrating amongst friends, family, and fans alike” when he thought he had won the bid, he said on Sunday. “I just hope it is not demolished.”



But when Bass found out it was HGTV that made the deal, his tone quickly changed.
“HGTV??! Aw man. I’d be pretty upset if it were anyone else, but how can you be mad at HGTV?? My television is stuck on that channel. Kudos HGTV, I know you will do the right thing with the house. That was always my biggest worry. I can smile again,” he tweeted Tuesday.



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