Labor of Love Fundraiser

The Place, in Beckley ,opened its doors yesterday morning as the venue for the fundraiser event called, Labor of Love. Labor of Love is a vendor and craft show that helps raise money for the Southern West Virginia Children’s Shelter. 


William Perkins, the program manager for Children’s Shelter, said, ” We’re an emergency shelter. We serve children with disabilities that have been removed from their home due to abuse and neglect, and we rely heavily on fundraising events like this for our operating budget to help provide a safe place for these kids.”


Over 20 vendors came to the festival with enthusiasm and hopes of raising a lot of money for the SWV Children’s Shelter. 


“I just really wanted to help out and my sister works at the shelter, so it’s a close part of my family. We know that this is important to just give back,” said Mandy Bee, who is a vendor at this year’s festival.


There were a variety of vendors participating in yesterday’s event including: Manning’s BBQ, Lipsense, Mary Kay, and Mandy Bee jewelry. Additionally, there was also a raffle to win prizes. 


One vendor from the company Lipsense, shares her importance for attending the fundraiser,”We are at the Labor of Love event, and all of the proceed are going to go towards the intellectually and physically-disabled children at the shelter in Beckley. The product I’m selling is Lipsense, it’s from a company called Synogence,” said Bethany Stanford, a representative from Lipsense.


The  Labor of Love event helps to give back to the community and make a difference for the children’s shelter.

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