KVC To Take over WVU Tech Montgomery Campus

West Virginia University announced Wednesday morning that the Kansas-based non-profit organization will take over the Montgomery campus. Students from the Montgomery campus have moved to the Beckley campus, so foster care children who have aged out of the system can now have the opportunity to attend college with an easy transition. Tommy Bailey, a lobbyist at Spilman, Thomas & Battle stated, “This opportunity presents a chance to fill a¬†national gap and child welfare services to provide a transition, a real transition a structure transition for youth emerging into foster care.

The college is looking at two year programs and below for their students, “Workforce spearing certificates, associates degrees, in our opinion, those are the kind of career paths that lead to sustainable and well paid employment.” said Bailey.

There are about five thousand young people in care across the state, but only 2 percent of those young people, every year, successfully complete a postsecondary education course. Students will now have the opportunity to attend college and it means a lot to them. “This is enormous in foster care, it is revolutionary in child welfare. All of these services exist today, but they exist in a variety of ways, a variety of providers and it requires the young person to opt in receiving these services.”¬† said Bailey.

This will be the first time these services will be brought under one roof and be operating together.

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