Kroger's New, National Effort Aimed At Ending Hunger

42 million Americans are struggling with hunger across the nation. Nearly 315,000 of those Americans are West Virginians and now the grocery store chain, Kroger is trying to put an end to it as well as the estimated 72 billion pounds of food that is going to waste.

“There is so much food that goes unconsumed, 40 percent of the food that’s produced in the United States goes unconsumed so it’s just wasted. We want to try to use that food to feed families so no one goes hungry. So, zero waste and all that food going in somebody’s belly,” said Beckley Kroger Manager Margie Baker-Keilitc. 

Kroger Company announced on Tuesday their new, national effort, “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste Plan” will take place at all Kroger’s. During this program Kroger stores will be working closely with their local food banks. According to Keilitc all 36 Kroger stores here in the Mountain state have already been actively working with their food banks. In 2016, Kroger donated nearly 1.3 million meals through the Mountaineer Food Bank and Facing Hunger Food Bank.

Executive Director of Mountaineer Food Bank, Chad Morrison told WOAY during a phone interview, “Part of the bold goal with feeding America and Mountaineer Food Bank here in West Virginia is to really make sure that everyone has enough food, enough healthy and nutritious food through their regular meet.” Morrison added, “There are a lot of things that need to take place but we hope through our retail partners that were able to access any of the food that is still high quality that can come through their channels to the food banks and to our food pantries. We really hope that is part of the commitment to making sure there is no hungry people out there.” 

Kroger is hoping by the year of 2025 that their new plan to end hunger as well as eliminate food waste will be a reality for most people. Kroger is encouraging anyone who is interested to participate in this program. Three ways you can get involved are donating food or money to Kroger stores to help fight hunger. Secondly, sharing Kroger’s “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste” video on social media, Kroger will then donate more meals to the hunger. Lastly, volunteering at a local food pantry or food bank.

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