Kroger Aims To Help Lower Hungry Children This Summer

OAK HILL,WV (WOAY) – Kroger stores in the Charleston region are having a food drive to collect food for the Mountaineer and other food banks.

The twenty stores in the region need help from the community. They have set up bins for customers to donate food. Residents are asked to drop items off at stores in Beckley, Oak Hill, Logan, Madison, Smithers and Hinton.

Items most needed by the food banks include canned meats, juice boxes, cereal bars, and peanut butters.

Kroger told Newswatch the reason that they’re holding this drive is to help local children.

Oak Hill, Assistant Manager Alan Brown adds, “Kids are going to school during the fall and spring but during summer they don’t get enough food, so we’re hoping to supply the food bank with enough food for the families to get through the summer.”

The food drive will take place until June 17. Kroger adds that they have provided 325 million meals to local residents who struggle with hunger.

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