KFC offering $11,000 prize for first baby named Harland after Colonel Sanders

(ABC 7)- Student debt is a massive issue in the United States—but is the prospect of future loans enough to name your child after a fast-food company?


KFC is betting on it. They’re launching a stunt for expecting parents who are willing to name their kid after Colonel Sanders.


KFC will donate $11,000 worth of college tuition to the first baby named Harland born on September 9, 2018. September 9 is Colonel Harland Sanders’ birthday, and the donation amount is a nod to the company’s 11 herbs and spices.


If you’re willing to make that commitment, and your baby is born on September 9, you can submit an application at kfc.com/babyharland within 30 days. Each entry will be vetted to make sure you’re not making it all up.


Obviously, there are a few downsides if you take part in this stunt. Most of all, your child will have to explain for the rest of their life that they were named after a corporation’s publicity stunt. And what if you’re the second baby named Harland born that day? You’re stuck with the same story, but without the college scholarship.


But KFC explains that hey, at least they’ll be named after someone successful.


“Ever the entrepreneur, Colonel Sanders bounced back from a series of failed jobs and business ventures to found Kentucky Fried Chicken in his 60s,” a KFC spokesperson told The Atlantic. “We couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to help support Baby Harland’s future successes with a college donation.”



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