Just For Kids Advocacy Center Holds Child Sexual Abuse Resiliency Workshop

OAK HILL, W. Va. (WOAY)- The Just For Kids Advocacy Center held an all day resiliency workshop in the Lewis Community Center today.

The workshop was a part of a year long initiative called Change the Conversation about Child Sexual Abuse. 15 Fayette County organizations have come together for over a year to figure out how to engage the community when talking about child sexual abuse. In 2018, 95 Fayette County children reported sexual abuse.

“This workshop is about resiliency. There are social workers, nurses, law enforcement and prosecutors here to learn about what we can do to help kids rebound from this horrible experience,” said Executive Director of the Just For Kids Advocacy Center Scott Miller.

Miller also spoke about the national SHINE Campaign, which transforms conversations around child sexual abuse and sheds a light on survivors.

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