Joe Manchin is more popular than Trump in WV, poll finds

WASHINGTON (BY: ERIC LEVITZ, NEW YORK MAGAZINE) – Last November, Donald Trump won West Virginia by more than 40 points. The new president’s overwhelming popularity in the state led some to suspect that West Virginia’s Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, would decide to switch parties — or, at least, support Trump’s top legislative priorities.

But, as of this writing, Manchin has done neither. The state’s newly elected Democratic governor, Jim Justice, converted to Republicanism; West Virginia’s Republican senator, Shelley Moore Capito, did Trump’s bidding on health care, even though doing so required her to vote for massive Medicaid cuts that would have devastated her beleaguered state. But Manchin stayed in Chuck Schumer’s caucus, and voted against every iteration of Trumpcare that was put in front of him.

A new MetroNews West Virginia Poll suggests Manchin made a wise choice: The survey finds that 51 percent of West Virginians approve of the Democrat, giving him a higher approval rating than Justice, Capito, and even the president himself.

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Photo Courtesy: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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